Lab testing is one of the key parts of our business activities. It is included in our services which really helpful for manufacturers and exporters to conduct their business without any risk. And buyers also can be ascertained that their goods are completely secured in terms of physical and chemical testing.

In general, we get done some lab testing like; Dimensional Stability, Twisting, Color Fastness to water wash, Color Fastness to Rubbing etc. Also we are able to perform the following Lab Testing:

A) Fabric : Construction Particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance.

B) Analysis : Flammability, Appearance after washing/dry cleaning, Fiber analysis etc.

C) Color Fastness : Perspiration, Light, Bleaching, Dry Cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot Pressing etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out.

D) Garment: Saliva, Pilling, Appearance after wash etc.

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