We believe that the cornerstone of our success at Hope-Tex Sourcing has been the high level of quality and social compliances that we have maintained. To ensure this level of quality, we have identified three core factors which have proven to be highly effective in this regard: Communication, Supplier Quality, and Hope-Tex  Sourcing Personnel.


Many of our customers, when they first start their relationship with Signet utilize our quality assurance services. In this capacity, we are employed as a third-party to ensure that garments produced for our customer by their appointed factories meet the customer’s quality standards. In the vast majority of cases, customers that have utilized our quality controlled services have eventually outsourced their production to us as well.


Coordinating our supply chain in the production process is central to our strategy for timely delivery. After placing an order at a factory, we ensure that all accessories are ordered and delivered at the correct times so that production downtime is limited. We also ensure that road haulers and shipping companies are booked well in advance to ensure that timely delivery to the customer’s destination port is achieved.